Skull Whitening

Have your skull mounted

After your skull has been cleaned and bleached, get it mounted. We offer detailed mounting services, including European mounts, to show off your skulls.

Affordable pricing on skull whitening

Skull whitening services are more affordable than you think. If you want your skull whitened, we start with our beetle cleaning service. Then, we use a special bleaching agent that will repel yellowing over time.

 Cleaning and whitening included in prices listed below.

6 % sales tax added to all final prices

Beetle Cleaning and Whitening
Whitetail Deer / MuleWith Lower Jaw $110.00
Boar, Hogs $180.00
Coyote, Beaver $60.00
Fox, Raccoon $50.00
Bobcat $60.00
Bear $120.00
Turkey neck and skull with tail Fan (With Fan) $150.00
ElkElk / Lower Jaw $250.00
Moose $250.00
Bison/Longhorn $300.00
Horned Sheep, Ram $150.00

Skulls that have maggots present, rotten or dead, can be subject to an extra charge of $20 or returned unclean if it’s determined that cleaning the skulls may jeopardize the beetle colony.